Chaplaincy Corps

Danny Lynchard
Chief Chaplain

The Tulsa Police/Fire Chaplaincy Corps consists of one director and sixteen volunteer chaplains chosen from a cross section of the ecumenical community of the City of Tulsa. Each is required to pursue training in regards to the impact of catastrophic grief, suicidal depression, officer stress, and the law enforcement occupation.


  • To provide pastoral care to officers and firefighters as requested.
  • To provide pastoral care to those experiencing extreme grief as a result of a homicide, suicide, traffic-fire fatality, or any unexpected death within the City of Tulsa.
  • To work extensively to build positive support and understanding between the police department, the fire department, and the community of Tulsa.

Danny Lynchard began volunteering in 1982 and was appointed Director in 1987. More than 700 times during the past seventeen years, he has assisted families in the unexpected death of a loved one. Besides providing chaplain cy to police officers and fire fighters, his task is to recruit, train, and supervise the volunteer chaplains within the chaplain cy corps. He can be reached at (918) 596-9138.

The activity of chaplain cy is at an all time high. Hundreds of hours have been provided by these volunteers. These chaplains see themselves as an extension of care provided through the police department. The time utilized in death notifications, comfort to family members, providing families with information and assistance in reclaiming personal property and many other tasks have freed officers to perform other responsibilities while being assured these families are receiving professional care.

Current volunteer chaplains are Lem Taylor, Frank Murphy, Bobby Kendrick, Brian Hardesty, Dave Dunson, Jimmy Foreman, Maria Jones, Danny Stockstill, Tom Branch, Randy Shaddox, Brent White, Larry Adams, Gary Volz, Ann Volz, Rod Harris and Alan McIntyre.

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