Detective Division

Auto Theft (918) 586-6077
Burglary (918) 596-9180
Child Crisis Unit (918) 586-6050
Family Violence (918) 596-7542
Financial Crime (918) 596-9209
Homicide (918) 596-9135
Major Crimes (918) 596-9122
Pawn Detail (918) 596-9238
Robbery (918) 596-9137
Special Victims Unit (918) 596-9168
SPDR Unit (918) 591-4740
Sex Offenders (918) 596-9156
(918) 596-9159
Fugitive Warrants (918) 596-9352
Missing Adults (918) 596-9183
Missing Children (918) 596-9862
Senior Services (918) 596-9165
Missing Persons (to file report) (918) 596-9222
Victim Services Unit (918) 596-9165
Detective Division
600 Civic Center
Tulsa, Ok. 74103

(918) 596-9133

The Detective Division investigate crimes that have been reported to the Tulsa Police Department that did not result in an immediate arrest.  They follow up on cases that are to be prosecuted and continue the investigation prior to presenting the case and charges to the District Attorney's Office.

The Detective Division is divided
into squads of investigators.
The Detective Division has a
squad of seven detectives on
duty overnight. The day to day
operations of the Detective Division
are directed by two captains.

If you have any questions about
your case or would like to contact
the detective assigned to your case,
please select the squad from the list
and you will be able to send an email
which will be answered in a timely manner.








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