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Mission Statement:
To provide and serve the citizens of Tulsa with ethical, accurate, and unbiased scientific services in order to assist law enforcement and judicial communities.                                   

Primary Goals and Objectives:                                                         

  • Use methods and procedures that are recognized and accepted by the forensic science profession.
  • Maintain a quality assurance program that meets or exceeds international standards.                                             
  • Provide high-quality scientific services in a timely manner.      
  • Effectively communicate investigative information to our customers.
  • Accurately present expert testimony in an understandable, unbiased, and professional manner.
  • Provide continuing education and training opportunities to maintain a highly-qualified staff.
  • Provide educational information to benefit our community.
  • Concentrate efforts and resources on services most requested by customers.

Forensic Laboratory
Tulsa Police Department
1111 W. 17th Street
Building E, 2nd Floor
Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone (918) 596-9266

All technical and management staff in the laboratory will avoid all arrangements, relationships, and associations that result in any internal or external commercial, financial, political or other pressure to affect the work product of the laboratory in any way. The entire laboratory staff must avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest or vulnerability to pressure from any quarter.



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