Headquarters Section

The Headquarters Section is located at the downtown police building and is responsible for a wide variety of administrative details within the Tulsa Police Department.

The Policy Section of Headquarters is tasked with the updating and maintenance of hundreds of department policies and procedures. As case law and police practices change, department policies must change instantaneously.

The Accreditation Work Group coordinates with all other areas of the Department to maintain the standards of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). They work closely with the Research and Development and Policy sections in monitoring and assuring compliance with CALEA standards, assuring that Accreditation is continued.

The Online Section of Headquarters is responsible for the internal and public web site.
The public web site has served as an important source of information to the citizens of Tulsa. Live police calls, crime prevention tips and an inside look at the department's specialty units are just some of the highlights at www.tulsapolice.org.

The Tulsa Police Department was one of the first in the country to start a Blog. With thousands of visitors a week, citizens can read messages from the police chief, rookies in training, and officers working in their neighborhoods. Online communication is of vital importance to the department. Citizens have the capability to send direct e-mails to the police chief and correspond to the department through the Blog.

The online team is proud of their relationship with the academy and works daily with the recruiters to ensure that potential police applicants receive timely and accurate information. In 2019, www.joinTPD.com was launched and recruiting became one of the top priorities for the online team. The endeavor has proven successful with the department web site becoming the number one source of information for police applicants.

The Research and Development Section of Headquarters is responsible for the study and implementation of new technology, the administration of grants, project management and the management of the Tulsa Police Uniform.

The Public Information Section works daily with the media and the online team to provide the public timely and pertinent information. The office is a liaison with the Crime Stoppers Commission and their efforts to educate the public about crime issues. Weekly radio and television appearances focuses on recent crime trends, most wanted criminals and general information distribution. Forging positive relationships with the media, officers and the public are the focus and mission of the public information section.

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