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  • Never leave keys inside your vehicle or motorcycle.
  • ALWAYS roll up your windows and lock your doors. Do not hide a second key in your vehicle or in a magnetic box under the vehicle. These are located very easily.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running due to the heat or cold. Thieves watch for this at stores and ATM's. Leaving a vehicle running and unattended is against the law and can earn you a ticket!
  • Secure any valuables inside your vehicle OUT OF SIGHT! If you are on a motorcycle, take your helmet with you.
  • NEVER LEAVE THE TITLE IN THE GLOVE BOX!!! Keep it at home or in a safe deposit box. Thieves forge owners' names and sell stolen cars. Some cases have resulted with an Oklahoma tag office actually retitling a stolen vehicle to the thief!
  • When buying a vehicle from an individual, make certain the title matches the name of the person attempting to sell you the vehicle. ASK to see a driver license. If they refuse, then DO NOT BUY the vehicle. If it appears too good to be true.then it usually is!
  • Never let someone test drive your vehicle without you going along. DO NOT give them the keys until you are seated in the car!
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended on private property without the property owner's permission. Vehicles are subject to being towed and incurring storage fees.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle on the side of the road if you encounter mechanical trouble. HAVE YOUR VEHICLE TOWED! It takes thieves approximately 20 seconds to steal these abandoned vehicles!
  • If you cannot afford to be without your vehicle.DO NOT LEND IT TO SOMEONE!!

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