Lab Turnaround Time Commitment

The Tulsa PD Forensic Laboratory is committed to issue laboratory analysis reports in a timely manner.  Table 1 lists the disciplines with their corresponding goal.  Time starts the day the laboratory analysis request is received by the TPD Laboratory.  If a report cannot be completed within the committed time, communication with the requestor is initiated.  

Table 1: Turnaround Time Commitment

Discipline - Section Time in Calendar Days
Biology - Serology 10
Biology - DNA 250
Toxicology 40
Firearms 200
Firearms- NIBN 30
Latent Prints 300
Controlled Substances 80
Questioned Documents 100
Trace 45

Disclaimer: Some items are examined by one or more disciplines.  Those items are examined in succession; therefore, adding to the completion time.  For example, a gun submitted for latent prints examination and NIBIN entry.  First, the gun is examined by the latent print section and a report is released within the committed time.  Then, the evidence is transferred to the firearms section for NIBIN entry and report issuance, thus, delaying the NIBIN turnaround time (i.e. approximately 90 + 30 days for NIBIN completion).

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