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The first shoulder patch was the motorcycle officer's winged wheel patch worn as early as 1915 and in common use through the 1930s.





First patch used by Tulsa Police. In use from the mid-30s to 1952.




In 1952 the department issued patrol and traffic patches







This patch was introduced in 1958 and is based on the design of the first Yield sign. Clinton Riggs, Tulsa Police Administrative Chief who retired in 1970 after 36 years of service, designed the first Yield sign and was introduced in 1950 at 1st Street and Columbia Ave.

An early version of the sign is on display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.



The new TPD patch was implemented on the historic night of Nov 4, 2005. At midnight, officers switched uniform colors to dark blue.

Captain Travis Yates chaired the committee that was tasked with proposing a new patch. Extensive research and careful consideration were given to over 100 art submissions. The committtee chose a design by Dave Carman, Tulsa World Graphic Designer.




2007 Tulsa Police Centennial Patch.

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