Riverside Division

7515 S. Riverside Dr, Tulsa OK 74136 udsw1.jpg
Desk- (918) 596-1100
Fax- (918) 596-1102

Riverside Division covers a majority of south Tulsa and the area west of the Arkansas River. The division has a very diverse economic and social makeup.

Divisional Boundary


Riverside Division

Person Down4000 S Sheridan Rd
Disturbance - Weapon2200 S Maybelle Ave
Burglary - Report7900 S Sheridan Rd
Burglary - Report5200 S Zunis Pl
Non-Inj Prvt Prop4400 E 15th St S
Non-Injury Collision3100 S Sheridan Rd
Non-Injury Collision4900 S Union Ave



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