Abbreviations For Warrants

A&B-Assault and Battery
AFCF-After Former Conviction of Felony
AWDW-Assault with Dangerous Weapon
CD-Controlled Drugs
DUI-Driving Under the Influence
DUS-Driving Under Suspension
DWI-Driving while Intoxicated
FTA-Failure to Appear
FTP-Failure to Pay
KCSP-Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property
No DL-No Drivers License
OMBC-Obtaining Merchandise by Bogus Check
OMFP-Obtain Merchandise by False Pretense
PLMFR-Petit Larceny of Merchandise from Retailer
TLFA-Transporting Loaded Firearm
TOC--Transporting Open Container
UFI-Uttering Forged Instrument
UUMV-Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle
VPO-Violation of Protective Order

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