Bomb Squad

TRUCK_150.jpgThe mission of the Tulsa Police Department Bomb Squad is to provide render safe services and final disposition for improvised explosive devices, military ordnance, commercial explosives, and illegal fireworks.  The Squad is trained and equipped to detect and render safe chemical, biological, and radiological devices.  Post blast investigation, recruit training, dignitary protection details, explosive breaching, and assistance to outside agencies are other activities performed by the unit.

bomb2_150.jpgThe Tulsa Police Department Bomb Squad is composed of eight Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.) certified bomb technicians. New members undergo an extensive physical examination, and then must attend courses to achieve the Haz-Mat Technician level certification.  They then attend a 6-week basic course at the U. S. Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. Once certified, technicians are required to train two days per month with F.B.I. technicians and attend a 40-hour school each year.  Re-certification by the F. B. I. is required every three years.

bomb1_150.jpgThe Bomb Squad is extremely well equipped due to a high level of support from Police Management and the aggressive use of Homeland Security grant funding.  The Squad has taken delivery of a large amount of new equipment in the past 24 months, including a new truck, bomb suits, digital x-ray systems, and the only total containment vessel trailer in the state of Oklahoma.  Each Technician is assigned a vehicle equipped with a bomb suit, x-ray system, and detection and render safe equipment.



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