Special Operations Team

sot.jpgS.O.T.- Special Operations Team
C.O.B.R.A.- Covert Operations Based Rescue and Assault
To come up with last minute solutions to impossible problems created by someone else.

The S.O.T. team is responsible for handling situations involving hostages, armed and barricaded suspects, and suicidal subjects. The team also provides protection to visiting dignitaries and provides assistance to other units and agencies in serving high-risk search warrants. The team is comprised of 40 officers, three paramedics divided into three tactical teams and a team of 10 crisis negotiators.

TroyandMike.jpgThey remain on 24-hour call and respond whenever needed. This highly trained and professional group was recognized by the National Tactical Officers' Association and is regarded as one of the finest tactical response units in the country.  S.O.T. members frequently attend advanced training courses and regularly conduct such training for other agencies.

SOT entry team training, combined with other tactical drills, allows the SOT members to practice and use the best tactical techniques to safely accomplish their mission objectives.

van150.jpgThis is the SOT van that accompanies the team on call-outs. This Van contains some of the required equipment that the team uses.  It provides a secure area, out of the elements for mission planning.

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