Tulsa Police Reserve

reservepatch.jpgTulsa Police Department
Recruiting Office

6066 East 66th Street North
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74117-1811

 Local : (918) 591-4521

Toll-Free Recruiting Hotline: 1-800-688-6848
For more information about the reserve program call
(918) 669-6854

The Tulsa Police Reserve is a volunteer law enforcement organization managed by the Special Operations Division of the Tulsa Police Department. This organization consists of highly dedicated and motivated men and women who want to serve their community by volunteering their time and effort through a law enforcement capacity.

With the exception of education requirements, the selection criteria to become a Tulsa Police Reserve Officer are the same as a Tulsa Police Officer. Reserve Officers are required to perform to Tulsa Police standards. Applicants for the Tulsa Police Reserve, however, are part-time and not paid.

Apprentice Reserve Officers receive more than twice the number of class hours required by the State of Oklahoma to become a certified reserve police officer. Expert certified instructors guide recruits through the intensive coursework to prepare them to meet the department's high standards.

Tulsa Police Reserve law enforcement does not end with successful completion of the academy. Graduates are assigned to Field Training Officers for on-the-job training. All reserve police officers receive 16 hours of in-service training during each calendar year. This prepares them to work several community functions and special events that require police services. They also work side by side with full-time Tulsa Police Officers during emergencies and regular patrol shifts. Reserve officers must volunteer 10 hours per month to remain on active status.

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