History of the Tulsa Police Reserve

In 1953, the Civil Defense Volunteer Program was organized in the City of Tulsa as a division of the Tulsa City/County Civil Defense Administration. The organization was created initially and solely for training volunteers who could be deployed to provide needed aid, services, and support to the citizens of the City and County of Tulsa, Oklahoma, under the direction, coordination and control of the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (TAEMA).

In 1976, the volunteer program expanded into an organization entitled the Tulsa Auxiliary Police (TAP). While retaining its original intended mission and objectives, it expanded to permit Tulsa Auxiliary Police Officers to do other functions where trained personnel could help law enforcement agencies in manning functions involving the public where there were not sufficient personnel available from professional law enforcement agencies.

In 1995, the City of Tulsa established a new era of volunteer police officers. The Mayor of the City of Tulsa authorized the Chief of Police to appoint reserve municipal police officers as provided by state law. The Tulsa Auxiliary Police became the Tulsa Police Reserve (TPR). This organization consists of highly dedicated and motivated men and women who want to serve their community by volunteering their time and effort through law enforcement. TPR officers play a vital role in balancing the safety and cost factors during special/civic events and provide an inexpensive solution to continuing demands for greater police service.

The Chief of Police has designated the Special Operations Division of the Tulsa Police Department to manage this elite reserve police force. The Special Events Coordinator of the Special Operations Division has been designated to coordinate the activities of the organization through the TPR Command Staff. The TPR Command Staff has been designated to organize and implement the internal structure procedures of the organization. Since the conception of the Tulsa Police Reserve, the Department has given reserve officers more responsibility, equipment, and support than in previous years. The Tulsa Police Reserve fills a vital role by ensuring the safety of citizens at a variety of events throughout the City of Tulsa.

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