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Calls are "as received" in the dispatch center; the final outcome of the investigation may be different.  It does not include all calls for service due to officer safety and / or privacy issues.  This service is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for any type of legal action

15 Calls Currently Working

Gilcrease Division

Open Window500 E 53rd St N
Disturbance5500 E Pine St
Burglary - Report2200 N Hartford Ave
Alarm - Intrusion6200 E Marshall St
Auto Theft - Report3500 E Easton St

Mingo Valley Division

Alarm - Intrusion11300 E 15th Pl S
Alarm - Intrusion7200 E 38th St S
Hit&Run/Non-Inj 5MTL6600 E 81st St S
Alarm - Intrusion7200 S 70th E Ave
Burglary from Vehicle Report16000 E Admiral Pl

Riverside Division

Auto Theft - Report4100 S Yale Ave
Burglary - Report3200 S Yale Ave
Mark Out for Tow1100 E 48th St S
Mark Out for Tow1500 S Boston Ave
Mark Out for Tow1100 E 48th St S



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