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Calls are "as received" in the dispatch center; the final outcome of the investigation may be different.  It does not include all calls for service due to officer safety and / or privacy issues.  This service is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for any type of legal action

18 Calls Currently Working

Gilcrease Division

911 Trouble Unknown1800 N 106th E Ave
Hit&Run No Inj200 E Newton Pl
Recover Stolen Veh700 N Peoria Ave
Non-Injury Collision1600 N Mingo Rd
Mark Out for TowE Archer St / N Newhaven Ave

Mingo Valley Division

Injury Crash11300 E 31st St S
Non-Injury Collision8100 S 107th E Ave
Burglary - Report1200 S 107th E Ave
Will File - Susp 9712300 E 16th Pl S
Non-Injury Collision4600 S Memorial Dr
Abandoned Vehicle11800 E 22nd St S
Auto Theft - Report13500 E 40th St S

Riverside Division

Check on Well Being4600 E 57th St S
Burglary - Report2400 W 45th Pl S
Hazard4900 Eb E Hwy 64-51 Expy
Hit&Run/Non-Inj 5MTL3100 S Gary Ave
Alarm - Intrusion8800 S Quebec Ave
PU Found Prop2600 E 58th St S



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