Double Homicide Suspect

ARCHIVED PRESS RELEASE: Published 7-16-2012

The suspect is said to be wearing a white jersey with a number on the back and writing on the back. The suspect fires multiple rounds shooting Scott Norman. Norman dies of his injur...ies.

An errant round fired by the suspect goes through the glass door and strikes an innocent Graydon Wesley Brown. Mr. Brown was inside Best Buy shopping with his eight year old daughter. Mr. Brown dies of his injuries.

The Tulsa Police Department is investigating this and has recovered several images of this attack. We are releasing several images in the hopes that someone with knowledge of the suspect or suspects in this crime can be stopped before any more innocent citizens are put in peril.

TPD homicide unit believes that Scott Norman and his brother are shopping at the Promenade Mall prior to arriving at Best Buy. The image of the B/M wearing the "Lets Eat" Jersey number 4 is believed to be associated with the murder. The person wearing the jersey is seen in close proximity to Scott Brown and his brother as they shop at the mall. This person needs to be identified and interviewed as to his knowledge of the murders.

The small black vehicle pictured is believed to be the vehicle that let the shooting suspect off behind the Best Buy.

The homicide unit knows that this crime is associated with other murders in Tulsa. There are now two totally innocent victims that have been killed because citizens that have knowledge of these crimes have chosen to remain silent.

On 07-09-2008 Tajuan Davis and Teontae Ray are shot and killed at 2400 E 41 SN. The victims of this murder had gang ties in Tulsa. TPD investigates the crime and hears what the people on the street are talking about. TPD gets that names of possible suspects however no one comes forward with the testimony necessary to arrest the suspects.

On 07-10-2011 Bryan Mitchell and Kanisha Jackson are killed at 648 E 53 SN. Speculation is that Mitchell was involved in the Davis and Ray murders and a possibility is that his murder is in retaliation for Davis and Ray murders. Jackson has no connection to Davis or Ray and is killed merely for her association with Mitchell. Jackson is believed to be an innocent victim.

On 07-14-2012 Scott Norman is killed in the ambush attack at Best Buy. Graydon Brown is an innocent victim having no connection to any of the participants in these highlighted crimes. He was merely shopping with a child when he is killed.

The TPD homicide unit is releasing this information in hopes that people having knowledge of the suspect or suspects in this crime will realize that continued silence will lead to more killings and innocent victims that may touch their very families.

Anyone with information on these murders is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-2677.


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