Four Burglars Arrested

ARCHIVED PRESS RELEASE: Published 7-9-2012

Upon the officers arrival they met Tulsa Public School Security who stated that there were alarm trips on the southwest portion of the school.  Officers set up a perimeter on all sides of the school and waited for K-9 Officer Thomas to arrive.  Once K-9 Officer Thomas arrived he and his dog entered the school.  While inside the school K-9 Officer Thomas heard people running on the roof.  Officers called the Tulsa Fire Department, Ladder 30, who arrived and allowed us to use their ladder to gain access to the roof.  Officer Beck, Officer Mallory, and Officer Keeler went on the roof and apprehended four individuals. Three adults and one juvenile were arrested and charged with burglary. Joseph Tuell 20, Samuel Chapman 18, Scott Taylor 18.


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