Tulsa Sobering Center - Opening May 2018

ARCHIVED PRESS RELEASE: Published 2-22-2018

At the discretion of the detaining police officer, adults detained for public intoxication, who have not committed any other crimes, can be taken to the Tulsa Sobering Center for a 10-hour period to "sleep it off" in a safe clean environment. During their stay, participants are provided with food and a cot on which to reside.

Tulsa Sobering Center participants are separated by gender. The facility can house up to 42 participants simultaneously with a maximum of 25 males and 17 females.

Participants are not free to leave the Tulsa Sobering Center, before completion of the minimum 10-hour period, without authorization.

In collaboration with the Tulsa Police Department, the Tulsa Sobering Center is operated by 12 & 12, Inc., (12 & 12) a leader in addiction treatment and recovery. 12 & 12 is a Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center (CCARC) that offers life-saving recovery tools for adults suffering with addiction or co-existing mental health and substance use disorders to achieve individualized recoveries.

During their stay at the Tulsa Sobering Center, individuals can receive information about and access to counseling and rehabilitation programs for substance abuse at their discretion. If eligible, participants will have immediate and ongoing access to these services available at 12 & 12.

At the end of the holding period, 12 & 12 arranges for participants to be transported, by a third-party, to an off-site location of the participant's choosing (within a five mile radius of the Tulsa Sobering Center). Participants can also be picked up by a family or friend at the end of the 10-hour holding period.

At the end of the holding period, adults are released from Tulsa Sobering Center without criminal charges, court dates or a record of arrest.

The Tulsa Sobering Center is a 24/7/365 operation which is utilized at the sole discretion of the Tulsa Police Department.  The Sobering Center does not accept participants from any other source and the facility is not open to the public.

The City of Tulsa provides $250,000 annually for 12 & 12, Inc. to operate the Sobering Center. Build-out costs for the facility were paid by a private donation to 12 & 12, Inc. from the Hardesty Family Foundation.


  • Connects adults, who suffer with alcoholism or other addictions, to opportunities to access long-term counseling and rehabilitation programs for substance abuse treatment. 
  • Serves as a larger community-wide effort to reduce the number of adults with mental illness and substance use disorders who are incarcerated.
  • Generates significant cost-savings for the City of Tulsa based on reduced jail and police expenses.
  • Saves police officer time by addressing the needs of intoxicated individuals quickly so police officers can return to work promptly to address more immediate issues.  
  • Saves staff and operation time for Tulsa Municipal Courts.
  • Saves money for individuals entering the Tulsa Sobering Center by avoiding court costs, fines, and criminal prosecution for public intoxication.  


  • My friend was arrested for public intoxication, how will I know if they are at the Sobering Center or jail?
    • You can call Tulsa Sobering Center to find out if your friend is there. However, if your friend has requested confidentiality, you will not be told if he/she is at the Tulsa Sobering Center.
  • When individuals are taken to the Sobering Center, will they have the opportunity to make a phone call or have visitors?
    • Yes, individuals taken to the Tulsa Sobering Center will have the opportunity to make a phone call, but visitors will not be accepted at the facility.


Tulsa Sobering Center, operated by 12 & 12, Inc.
Located within the Hardesty Family Foundation Wing at the 12 & 12, Inc. facility.
(918) 664-4742


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