"Final Call" for Officer Shoemaker

Click here to hear "Final Call" for Officer Shoemaker

DISPATCH:     "Attention all officers standby while we patch all sub-fleets for an announcement..."

Patch sub-frequencies A, D &G.

DISPATCH:       "Dispatch to Officer Shoemaker, 10-90."
Pause, then repeat
                             "Dispatch to Officer Shoemaker, 10-90."

SOUND Emergency TONE (EBA)

DISPATCH:        "Attention all officers, Officer Shoemaker
                               is not answering his radio."


CHIEF:                "Robert One, Show Officer Shoemaker 10-7."
DISPATCH:        "Ten-Four, Authority Robert One, Officer Shoemaker is 10-7."

DISPATCH:        "Dispatch to all officers, Please observe a moment of silence for Officer Jared Shoemaker who was killed on September 04, 2006 while proudly serving this country."

10-90: Are you Okay?
10-64: Network clear, return to normal Operations.
10-7: Out of service.

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» In Memory of Jared Shoemaker

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