How To Get Out Of Jail

  • Release methods

Release methods include (1) posting the full amount of the bond by use of a VISA/MASTERCARD, cash, Money Order, Cashiers or Traveler's Check; (2) an Attorney's Affidavit; (3) Surety Bonds; (4) Pre-Trial Release.

Credit Card machines are now available for use by Municipal prisoners to help: 1) pay certain fines in full directly from the Jail for early release; 2) post Bonds for early release.

Payment of fines may be made 24 hours a day to the City Court Clerk or may be served out at the rate of $25 per day regular time, or $50 per day for Trustee status.

  • Attorney or Bondsman

The Booking Clerk is unable to suggest an Attorney or Surety Bondsman for you to use. If you need to contact Pre-Trial Release you may call their main office at (918) 596-5795 or the jail office at 596-4950.

IMPORTANT--If you are in jail solely because you failed to pay a ticket that has a dollar amount on it, you can pay this kind of ticket directly from the jail and be released with your case closed! All you have to do is sign a plea waiver form and pay the fine in full (plus penalties).

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