Reporting Problems - Property Maintenance Violations

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Yard Maintenance

Use this form to report issues such as:
  • tall grass (over 12 inches), overgrown bushes, branches in the yard/curb
  • trash, junk or debris in the yard/curb (toys, household furniture, appliances, garbage)
  • stagnant swimming pool
  • broken windows or open doors when the remainder of the structure (house, building) is in good order

Structure Maintenance
(house, building, garage)

Use this form to report issues such as:
  • structure in need of repair - walls/roof caving in, tarp on roof
  • swimming pool not secured - free access
  • broken windows or open doors with other structural problems present

* Other violations such as tall grass, debris, etc. on properties with structures needing maintenance can be reported simultaneously with the structure issue by using this form. (There is no need to also report it under Yard Maintenance.)

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