Reporting Problems

This section will enable you to report problems you encounter in the community that can be resolved by City of Tulsa staff.

Just click on the appropriate problem type and a form will be opened. Complete the form, paying particular attention to the fields marked with an asterisk then hit the 'send report' button. Your complaint will then be routed to the department most appropriate to handle your complaint.

Section Highlights...

Tort Claim Form Any person claiming damages as the result of conduct of a City employee or failure of the City to properly perform its responsibilities must file a Notice of Tort Claim with the City Clerk. Please print the form, fill out completely, and return to the City Clerk, City of Tulsa, 175 E. 2nd Street, Suite 260, Tulsa, OK, 74103.

Pot HolesThe weather can create pot holes in even the best of streets. This form was established to help you let us know where pot holes can be found. While we have crews that watch for pot holes, we won't always find them all. This is your chance to help us catch the ones we missed.

GraffitiThe City sponsors several programs to try to eliminate Graffiti wherever possible including the yearly "Paint the Town" campaign. By filling out this form, you can help us find Graffiti that needs to be removed.

Traffic Signals/SignWhether it is a burned out light, an intersection that is flashing red, or lights that make you wait way too long, use this form to let us know about any traffic signals that appear to be malfunctioning. You can also request new street signs on this page.

Property MaintenanceIs your neighbor's property in need of maintenance such as grass higher than 12 inches, bushes overgrown or the structure (house, building) is not in good order?  The City has ordinances that help keep Tulsa looking good and this form will let us know about the problem and where to find it.

Dumping ViolationsTulsa is one of the nicest and cleanest cities in the country! We want to do our best to help keep it that way. If you have observed a site where someone has dumped their trash, let us know about the problem and where to find it with this form.

Advertising Sign ViolationsTo keep Tulsa beautiful, the City has crafted ordinances that limit the way signs can be used including height, width, placement and installation methods. If you believe a sign has been installed that violaties these ordinances or seems to be unsafe, please use this form to identify it for us.

Water Line BreaksTo report a water leak, please call 918-596-9488.  This number is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sewer Line BreaksIf you notice a sewer line break, please help us get to it as quickly as possible using this form.

Abandoned, Disabled, or Illegally Parked VehiclesThe city has ordinances and codes that limit the time a vehicle can be parked in the street, require vehicles to be fully operable while parked in the street or driveway and prohibit parking on grass.  If you believe a vehicle is in violation, please use this form to report the location and vehicle information.

Barking DogIs your neighbor's dog barking all night? Use this form to report it!

Other ProblemsWhile the other forms here cover a majority of the problems you may encounter, we have included this form to cover all others. If you have encountered a problem that you believe we can help with, please let us know by filling out this form.


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