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The Tulsa Police Communications Unit handles all internal and external communications for the department, including managing an online media portal and social media pages through various channels.

The unit consists of a Captain, one Public Information Officer. a Media Relations Specialist, a Website Developer and three Community Ambassadors.

The Communications Unit is responsible for photographing and capturing video of all department-related events, including graduations, community appearances, and new Officer photos.


The Communications Unit also is responsible for archiving data and completing the Annual report.



Earlier this year, the department stood up the Community Outreach Resource & Education (C.O.R.E) Ambassador Unit. The intent of this program is to support Officers by working as intermediaries between the community and the department.


The Ambassadors are going to provide a cohesive and efficient process for engagement and better document all the amazing work officers are doing within our Tulsa communities.

The goal for the C.O.R.E. Unit is to empower community relations through outreach and education. Since April, the new Community Ambassadors have been meeting with their respective divisions to develop trusted working relationships and have been organizing and documenting a variety of events. The Ambassadors have also been meeting with community leaders to spread the word about the new unit to assist with facilitating a new vision for the department; to bridge the relations of the community with the Tulsa Police Department.

The Ambassadors are part of the Communications Unit under Captain Meulenberg. Each Ambassador will be responsible for a patrol division, providing overlapping coverage and the ability to work collaboratively on large department-wide events.

Who are your Ambassadors?

Faith Snellgrove joined the C.O.R.E. Unit after previously working in the Chief’s Office as one of Chief Franklin’s Administrative Assistants for nearly three years. After spending several years at Headquarters, it was an easy transition for Faith to be a part of the Gilcrease Division. Her background is in journalism and she worked as a news producer at two Tulsa news stations before joining Tulsa Police. Now, she’s looking forward to using her experience and knowledge to help shape the public’s perception of the department.

Sheeba Atiqi comes to us from the Broken Arrow Police Department where she was the Administrative Assistant in the Detective Division and lastly a desk officer before joining the Tulsa Police Department. She brings her 5 years of experience in law enforcement and interacting with victims of crimes to the Mingo Valley Division to assist in bridging the gap between the community and the department. Sheeba is fluent in Urdu (coming from a Pakistani background) and is a licensed EMT.


Jewel Wood, a recent graduate from Oral Roberts University, comes to us from a local Marketing Firm before making the change to the law enforcement environment. In her previous employment Jewel’s focus was to build, maintain and arrange client relationships along with various marketing campaign strategies. Jewel brings a new young fresh vision to the Riverside Division with goals of building a relationship between the department and the community.   

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