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Homicide investigation scene

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Equipo de liderazgo

The Detective Division is made up of 16 unites including Homicide, Crime Scene and Major Crimes, Robbery, Burglary, Auto Theft, Sexual Predator/Digital Evidence Recovery, Exploitation, Family Violence, Organized Retail Crimes, Fugitive Warrants, Financial Crimes, Child Crisis, Special Victims, Property Room and Victim Services.


Malcolm Williams

Brian Carlisle

Brian Carlisle

Tulsa homicide detective


The Tulsa Police Homicide Unit investigates all Homicides, Suicides, Assaults on Officers, Officer-involved Shootings, Felony Assaults, and Homicide Cold Cases. The Homicide Unit consists of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and ten Detectives. The unit works as a team from start to finish to solve cases. The unit also coordinates with federal authorities on investigations involving Native Americans.



The Tulsa Police Crime Scene Unit’s primary responsibility is to process major crime scenes, including homicides and suicides. The unit also serves as an investigative support unit to detectives
and field operations.


The Major Crimes Unit serves as the lead investigator for felony assaults, DOAs, suicides and stalking cases. The MCU also often gives community presentations, tours, and accepts interns throughout the year for college students interested in forensic work.



The Tulsa Police Robbery Unit is composed of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and six Detectives. The unit investigates Robberies with Weapons, Robberies by Force, Extortion, Kidnappings for Extortion, and some weapons offenses. The Robbery Sergeant is assigned as an FBI Task Force Officer who coordinates with the FBI and Federal Prosecutors reference Federal prosecutions. All members of the unit are partial TFO’s with the FBI through the Safe Trails Task Force that deals with McGirt issues.


The Tulsa Police Burglary Unit investigates all crimes where burglary is the primary offense. Those include First Degree Burglary, Second Degree Burglary, Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property, Breaking and Entering, Buying or Receiving Stolen Property, and False Declarations of Ownership. The unit consists of nine detectives and three supervisors who investigate Residential Burglaries, Commercial Burglaries, Burglaries from Vehicles, and includes a pawn-shop detail that tracks merchandise at pawn shops.



The Tulsa Police Auto Theft Unit is responsible for follow-up investigations and preparing cases for prosecution of all vehicle theft-related crimes. These crimes include Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicles, Embezzlement of Vehicles, Chop Shop Operations, as well as inspecting, identifying, and investigating vehicles with missing or altered Vehicle Identification Numbers. The Auto Theft Unit is also responsible for inspecting salvage yards and investigating thefts of “heavy equipment” defined as construction or agricultural equipment.

Image by Christian Wiediger


The Tulsa Police Sexual Predator/Digital Evidence Recovery Unit (Previously Cyber Crimes) consists of two Supervisors and three Detectives. Unit members are credentialed Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force Officers. Some members of the unit are also Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Task Force Officers.

The unit investigates Internet Crimes Against Children involving the Production, Possession, and Distribution of Child Exploitation Material (child pornography), Lewd Proposals to a Child Involving the Internet, Enticement of a Child, and other ICAC related crimes. The unit also assists other units in the Detective Division and other divisions across the department with the recovery and processing of digital evidence from a variety of electronic devices.


The Sex and Violent Offender Registration Exploitation Unit (previously Exploitation) investigates all missing or kidnapped children, runaways, and Amber Alerts. The unit also manages Sex and Violent Offender Registration and Enforcement. The unit is made up of one Lieutenant and three Officers.

Image by David von Diemar


The Tulsa Police Family Violence Unit investigates all domestic-related assaults on adults including Shootings, Stabbings, Kidnappings, Strangulations, and Violations of Protective Orders.

The unit works closely with the Family Safety Center, Domestic Violence Intervention Services, and the Tulsa Forensic Nursing Staff to ensure victims receive all the resources that are available to them as well as collect all evidence necessary for arrests and prosecutions. The unit has one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and six Detectives.


The Organized Retail Crimes Unit investigates all reported larcenies at retail locations committed by individuals or groups that are habitual or coordinated in their efforts. The ORCU’s focus is on serial offenders.


The Tulsa Police Department Financial Crimes Unit is comprised of seven Detectives and two Supervisors who investigate Financial Crimes and Financial Exploitation of senior citizens. Financial Exploitation involves the fraudulent use of stolen or manufactured checks, credit or debit cards, drivers’ licenses, ID cards or other documents to acquire cash or things of value.

The Senior Services Unit investigates neglect, abuse or exploitation of senior citizens or vulnerable adults, working closing with Adult Protective Services. In 2022, the unit began working with a special prosecutor funded through grant money to work specifically on elder exploitation cases.


The Fugitive Warrants Unit is responsible for locating persons with outstanding felony warrants, particularly those for violent crimes. The unit commonly coordinates with other state, local, and federal agencies to bring violent fugitives to justice. The unit is made up of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and six Detectives.


The Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit is made up of one Lieutenant and six Detectives. The Child Crisis Unit is tasked with investigating crimes against children, including child abuse, child sexual assault, and child death cases.



The Tulsa Police Special Victims Unit investigates incidents that involve sexual assaults or sexually related offenses. The Unit focuses on cases involving victims whose current age is 14 or older even if the actual offense occurred at a much younger age.


The Tulsa Police Property Room’s mission is to ensure the correct packaging, storage, and handling of all property turned over to the Tulsa Police Department and to preserve the chain of custody of all items received. This includes collaborating and partnering with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as working daily with the TPD Forensic Lab to ensure timely and proper testing of evidence.


Created in January of 2020, the Victim Services Unit provides trauma responsive, victim centered, and culturally appropriate services to those impacted by criminal circumstances within the City of Tulsa and ensures that all crime victims, witnesses and survivors, and Tulsa Police Department personnel have access to consistent and comprehensive information regarding the constitutional and statutory rights of crime victims.

Learn more about Victim Services here.

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