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Citizen's Police Academy class in Tulsa



The Citizen's Police Academy is an adult education program introduced in the U.S. by the Orlando Police Department in 1985. Due to its popularity the concept quickly spread throughout the country and the Tulsa Police Department implemented the Citizen's Police Academy program a short time later.

The course is designed to introduce citizens to the various operations, protocols and procedures of the Tulsa Police Department. Relevant topics such as, use of force, firearms training, pursuit driving and criminal and narcotic investigations are part of the curriculum. It is taught by veteran TPD officers who will discuss the challenges of policing a large, diverse, urban center. It is an opportunity for citizens to interact with police officers in an educational environment to foster the understanding and mutual respect that is necessary to build a safer community for all.

The course is free of charge to citizens who live, work or attends school in Tulsa. It meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and is 13 weeks in duration per course. Some of the classes feature hands on learning but the course is not physically taxing. Due to the sensitive nature of portions of the curriculum a criminal background check is part of application process. There is no law enforcement authority or law enforcement credentials conveyed to any citizen who completes the program. It is adult education designed not only to teach but to make the process fun and interesting.

Applications can be found here.

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