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Police, Dispatch, Records, Forensics


Become a Tulsa Police Officer

There are very few careers that allow heroes to work side by side. Our heroes strive to make Tulsa a safer community Being a Tulsa Police Officer is so much more than a job. It is a calling to serve those in your community and improve their quality of life by improving safety and well-being.

Image by Scott Rodgerson

Become a 911 Dispatcher

911 dispatchers are an essential part of Tulsa's critical care services. They function as the first contact for many citizens on the worst day of their lives. Our dispatchers act with empathy and urgency to ensure that each Tulsan receives the assistance they need. Explore what it takes to join 911 Emergency for a career that makes a difference.


Become a Reserve Officer

The Tulsa Police Reserve is a volunteer law enforcement organization managed by the Special Operations Division of the Tulsa Police Department. With the exception of education requirements, the selection criteria to become a Tulsa Police Reserve Officer are the same as a Tulsa Police Officer. 

Image by Christian Wiediger

Join Our Police Information Technology Division

With recent major upgrades in technology and systems, the Police Information Technology Division is an exciting environment to begin your career in law enforcement support services. 


Join Our Forensic Lab

Biology, chemistry, data analysis, firearms, latent print... do any of these things excite you? If so, TPD's forensic lab may be the place for you. We are always looking for the right combination of technical education and skills. Click to explore current opportunities!

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