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Dennis Larsen named next Tulsa Chief of Police

(Dennis Larsen speaks after being named the 41st Tulsa Chief of Police on Friday, May 24, 2024)

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum announced Friday that Dennis Larsen will become the 41st Police Chief for the Tulsa Police Department.

Chief Larsen will serve concurrently with Chief Wendell Franklin until Franklin’s retirement on July 31, 2024.

“I am excited to announce that Dennis Larsen will serve as the next Chief of the Tulsa Police Department," Mayor Bynum said. "The most important criteria for me in selecting the new Chief of Police were that they keep Tulsa safe and that they take care of the men and women who serve our city in the Tulsa Police Department. I believe Chief Larsen will do an excellent job in both regards. His love for the Tulsa Police Department shines through in all he does.”

Larsen has been with the Tulsa Police Department for 45 years, serving as Captain from 1997-2006 and Major from 2005-2007 before becoming Deputy Chief of Police over Operations in 2007. Larsen currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Police over the Investigations Bureau.

“This job has been my passion since the first day I pinned on the badge,” Chief Larsen said. “I am incredibly honored to be chosen as Tulsa’s 41st Police Chief and look forward to serving Tulsa in this new role.”

In his role over the Investigations Bureau, Larsen oversees the Detective Division, the Special Investigations Bureau, and the Forensic Laboratory. Larsen is a graduate of the FBI 185th National Academy and the FBI National Executive Institute.

“Chief Larsen served around several police chiefs, implementing each chief’s initiatives and working in the background with unwavering support,” Chief Franklin said. “He is undoubtedly committed to the policing profession and will serve the Tulsa Police Department with great enthusiasm and passion. I am excited to see him in the role as Tulsa’s next Chief of Police.”

Recognized by the Department of Justice as the third longest serving bomb technician in the United States, Larsen has received multiple awards from the Tulsa Police Department, including the Life Saving Award, three Chief’s Awards, and four Departmental Commendations.

Larsen is a member in more than nine professional organizations and holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Oklahoma State University.

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1 Yorum

I wanted to congratulate the new chief. As I was reading the comments, what Disturbed me the most was that the mayor did not mention serving the public, keeping the public safe, honoring our Constitution and the Bill of Rights for every citizen.

Not once did I hear it mentioned how important it is for public servants to honor the oath to defend our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The rhetoric used by the mayor is disturbing to every free person in this state and in this country.

I can tell you what this citizen does not want... Is some sovereign citizen believing that they are not subject to the laws that they're enforcing upon the others... All the…

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