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Image by Drew Harbour

Grand opening held for Tulsa Real Time Information Center

Tulsa's mayor, police chief and others cut the ribbon for the Real Time Information Center's grand opening

Tulsa leaders gathered Wednesday for the grand opening of the city's new Real Time Information Center (RTIC).

The purpose of RTIC is to maximize the city's technologies and resources for efficient and effective public safety response. RTIC enables Tulsa police officers and other city personnel to respond to events more efficiently, emphasizing community, citizen, and first responder safety.

During its early operational period, RTIC has already seen success. Recently, an RTIC Specialist located a missing person before any first responders could be dispatched. This proactive, real-time response provided quick comfort to the family and made efficient use of first responders by making them available for other emergency calls.

Find more information about RTIC here.

Real Time Information Center

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