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Image by Drew Harbour

Investigation underway after multiple card skimmers found at Tulsa gas stations

The Tulsa Police Department has recovered 4 credit card skimming devices from local gas stations within the past week.

The Financial Crimes Unit is working in collaboration with a Federal Law Enforcement Agency during this active investigation.

A credit card skimmer is an illegal device that looks identical to a point-of-sale credit card terminal and fits over the top of the legitimate card reader. Credit card skimmers are often found on gas pumps and ATM machines. If a person swipes their credit card through a skimmer -- thinking they are paying for gas or getting money out of the ATM -- a suspect can collect and steal all the data on your credit card.

The easiest way to detect a credit card skimmer is to yank, pull, and tug. Before you put your card into a point-of-sale terminal, wiggle a few parts of the machine to see if anything is loose.


  • Credit card skimmers often stick out a little bit further than the real point of sale credit card terminal.

  • Gently tug or wiggle the credit card terminal prior to making a payment. Skimmers are often held on place by magnets or weak adhesives.

  • If available, utilize the “tap to pay” feature that many gas stations and point of sale machines offer.

  • If you locate a skimmer, please notify the manager of the business, and call the Tulsa Police Department non-emergency line at 918-596-9222.

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