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Image by Drew Harbour

Officers, citizens thwart midtown Tulsa crime spree

A suspect is in custody after Tulsa police officers and citizens came together to put a crime spree to an end on Thursday.

Several calls came in Thursday morning about a suspect that was committing numerous crimes around 11th and Lewis.

The 22-year-old suspect, Anton Linder, started by trying to take a car, threatening the owner with a knife. When Linder jumped in the car and realized that the keys were not in the ignition he took off running.

The suspect then burgled a trailer belonging to a construction crew and attempted to abscond with some tools, he was chased off from that scene and took off running again.

Linder then found a Cadillac with a woman inside the car, he jumped in and was grabbing at his waste as if he had a weapon telling her to get out of the car, she started screaming and he jumped out of the car and continued to run through the neighborhood.

The suspect came upon a running vehicle with a child inside. As the mother was loading the car Linder jumped in and started driving off. The mother clung to the vehicle and Linder dragged her a short distance then noticed the child in the car. Presumably, Linder was not wanting to catch a kidnapping charge and jumped out of the car and took off running again.

By this time several officers were in the area scouring the neighborhood looking for the suspect.

Family members of the woman who was dragged were also looking for the suspect and they found him first. A couple of family members chased the suspect into a backyard near 6th and Yorktown.

While attempting to detain the suspect a physical altercation took place and the citizens were striking the suspect in an effort to keep him in place.

During this altercation the suspect bit one of the citizens, breaking the skin and causing potential long-term damage.

Officers converged on the backyard and collectively we were able to get the suspect in custody. Several witnesses and victims positively identified Linder as the suspect responsible for the varying crimes.

Linder was booked in to Tulsa County on various charges.

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