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Image by Drew Harbour

Officers' swift actions help save Tulsa man's life

Two Tulsa police officers perform CPR
(Tulsa police officers perform CPR on a man found unconscious at a gas station near 41st and Memorial on Nov. 21, 2023)

Two Tulsa police officers saved a man's life Tuesday while out on patrol.

The officers pulled into a gas station parking lot near 41st Street and Memorial around 1 p.m. and noticed a car unusually parked against the curb with an unconscious driver behind the wheel.

Officers first tried to wake the driver up until they saw the car was still in drive. An officer broke the window, put the car in park and pulled the driver from the car.

The driver wasn't breathing and did not have a pulse. The two officers immediately started performing CPR until paramedics arrived and managed to get the man breathing again. He was taken the hospital for further treatment.

Doctors at the hospital credited the officers' quick actions for saving the man's life.

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