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One dead after officer-involved shooting at Tulsa home

First responders stage outside a Tulsa home amid a hostage situation
(First responders stage outside a Tulsa home amid a hostage situation on Dec. 23, 2023)

The following information comes from a Tulsa Police Department Press Release:

On December 23, 2023 at approximately 10:30 PM, Tulsa Police responded to a domestic disturbance involving a 29-year-old female suspect who brandished and fired a firearm while taking hostages inside a residence.

Upon arrival, Officers established a perimeter and attempted to negotiate with the suspect. The suspect made threats of suicide and harm to others, including the hostages inside the residence.

Due to the imminent danger to the hostages, Officers entered the residence. During the encounter, the suspect began a countdown, prompting an officer to discharge their weapon. At the exact same time, the suspect also discharged a round from her pistol.

Tragically, the suspect died at the scene. No hostages or Officers were injured.

The Medical Examiner will make the determination on which rounds, the Officer’s, the suspect’s, or a combination of the two proved to be the fatal round.

The deceased suspect has been identified as Taylor Torres.

The involved Officer is being placed on administrative leave, as is standard procedure in Officer-involved shootings. The Tulsa Police Department's Homicide Unit is investigating the incident, which includes a review of the body worn cameras.

All the evidence in the case will be submitted for review by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office who will make an independent determination on the officer’s actions.

The Tulsa Police Department prioritizes the safety of all individuals and takes Officer-involved shootings very seriously. We are committed to conducting a thorough investigation into this incident.

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