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Image by Drew Harbour

Real Time Information Center helps Tulsa police track down stolen SUV

The Tulsa Police Department arrested a woman last week after she said she was given what turned out to be a stolen SUV as a birthday tip.

The city's Real Time Information Center received an alert on April 1 around 4 p.m. about a stolen white Jeep Liberty seen on Flock Safety cameras near Admiral and Darlington.

The RTIC tracked the stolen Jeep until Tulsa police officers pulled the driver over near Admiral and Sheridan.

The driver, Angela Harrison, claimed she was at a gas station an hour before where she ran into a former customer of hers from when she worked at Waffle House and that he gave her $10 cash and the Jeep because of her 53rd birthday coming up.

However, the Jeep was reported stolen before Christmas and detectives already had a surveillance photo of Angela Harrison in the Jeep on January 14. Harrison identified herself in the photo, but could not explain how she could have been in possession of the vehicle at that time.

The SUV was returned to the family of the owner who passed away last year.

Harrison was arrested for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

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