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Image by Drew Harbour

Tulsa homicide suspect arrested after shooting leaves one dead

Homicide investigation near 1200 N. Vandalia Ave.
(Tulsa Police Officers investigate a homicide near 1200 N. Vandalia Ave on June 8, 2024)

A Tulsa man is in custody after a shooting Saturday sparked a homicide investigation.

Tulsa Police Officers responded to a shooting around 10:30 a.m. in a neighborhood near Newton Street and N. Vandalia Ave. Officers arrived to find the suspected shooter rendering aid to the victim.

Officers learned the suspect, Rodney Hunter, was loudly arguing with the victim, Ray Orcutt, and at some point Orcutt turned his back to Hunter. Hunter shot him in the back, took his pistol inside the house, then came outside to render aid.

Orcutt died at the hospital from his injuries.

As Rodney Hunter falls under the McGirt ruling (, he will either be prosecuted in Tribal Court or Federal Court.

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