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Image by Drew Harbour

Two ducklings found stapled multiple times, suspect arrested

On 10/5/2023, Tulsa Police Officers met with Animal Control Investigators in response to an animal cruelty case involving two ducklings. The case made the rounds on social media and received multiple Tulsa Crime Stoppers tips.

Two ducklings were found with staples in their heads, necks and legs. Video evidence showed a box containing the two ducklings thrown from a moving car. One was dead when the box was found and the other had to be euthanized.

As part of the investigation, an X-ray was performed on the ducklings and multiple staples can clearly be seen penetrating the head and skull of the deceased fowl.

Officers identified the driver of the car as Tyler McMillan. Officers located McMillan at a home near 8th and Peoria. While in custody, McMillan threw an e-cigarette at one of the Officers, adding to his list of potential charges.

Officers got permission to search McMillan’s home and found a cage with fowl droppings, poultry feed, a staple gun with staples, and a feeder.

McMillan was arrested for:

  • Animal Cruelty (2 counts)

  • Unlawful Disposal of a Dead Animal

  • Assault & Battery on a Police Officer

  • Obstruction

If you witness animal cruelty or abuse in the city of Tulsa, you can call Animal Welfare or 911. For more information about what is considered abuse and how you can help stop it, visit

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