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Image by Drew Harbour

Two men with BB gun arrested after midtown Tulsa vandalism spree

Side-by-side photo of vandalism at Target and body camera video from the suspects' arrest

Tulsa police arrested two men early Monday morning after a vandalism spree involving a BB gun.

Around 4:00 a.m., Tulsa police officers responded to a possible Burglary in Progress at a home near 46th and Yale.

The caller said she heard glass break and found her front glass door shattered, but nobody entered the home.

Shortly after, officers got a call about a suspicious vehicle with two flat tires in the neighborhood with two people in it.

Officers could see a BB gun in the car and the suspects, Meshach Batson and Caleb Clark, confessed to driving around shooting out people’s windows.

Officers found another victim in the same neighborhood, and around the same time the Target and Reasor’s locations near 21st and Yale reported multiple windows that were shot out.

Batson and Clark were arrested for Malicious Injury to Property (6 counts).

If you believe you were a victim of this vandalism spree, call the Tulsa Police Non-Emergency line at 918-596-9222 or file a report online.

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