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When is the next auction?

  • Some items of unclaimed evidence and property awarded by the court to the TPD Evidence & Property Room are turned over to the City of Tulsa Finance Department. The Finance Department sells these items at their auction. The time and date of the auction is set by the Finance Department. Interested persons can consult the City of Tulsa website or call 596-7548 for that information.

Where do the proceeds from the sale of the items at the auction go?

  • The proceeds for the auction are deposited in the City of Tulsa general fund the expenditure of which is determined by the City Council.. The items sold at the auction and the amount of money generated from the sale are posted on the City of Tulsa website.

What happens to the firearms that are unclaimed or seized?

  • The vast majority of the firearms are destroyed. A small number of firearms that are compatible with the weapons used by the TPD are turned over to the TPD Firing Range. A small number of firearms are turned over to the Firearms Examiners in the TPD laboratory for use in forensic examinations.

What happens to unclaimed evidence or property?

  • Unclaimed evidence or property is subject to disposal under the provisions of state law. A hearing is held in Tulsa County District Court to determine the disposition of unclaimed evidence and property. Property awarded to the City may be discarded, destroyed, sold, donated to charity or retained by the City for city use. As previously noted, all money is deposited in the City of Tulsa General fund and the vast majority of firearms are destroyed.

How do I get my motor vehicle?

  • The Property Room does not store motor vehicles. Motor vehicles that are impounded and towed by TPD officers are stored at Allied Towing, 1011 N. Lewis Ave. Their phone number is 585-5571.

What information do I need to inquire about an item of property?

  • The most useful information that you can provide is a property receipt number. The property receipt has two letters followed by four numbers, e.g., AA 0001. A TPD report number is also helpful. If you do not know the property receipt, inquiries can be made by name and date but the process is much slower.

Why does it sometimes take a few days to get my property?


  • The TPD Property Room facility is just one location where evidence and property is stored. Large bulky items, e.g., bicycles, are stored at a satellite facility. If the property is stored at that location it may take a few days to retrieve it.

Can I pick up property for another person?

  • You may pick up property from another person but you must have a notarized letter from that person giving you permission to pick up the  specific property. Property Room personnel will keep the original letter but can give you a copy. You will still be asked for a photo ID. This policy does not apply to firearms.

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