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The Arkansas River looking toward the PSO facility.



Contact: (918) 596-1100
Maj. Laurel Roberts

Laurel Roberts

Capt. Jerrod Hart

Jerrod Hart

Captain - Admin

8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Capt. Jaime Kirby

Jaime Kirby


1st Shift: 9 p.m.-7 a.m.

Capt. Karen Tipler

Karen Tipler


2nd Shift: 6:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Capt. Charlie Hardaway

Charlie Hardaway


3rd Shift: 2 p.m.-12 a.m.

Image by Drew Harbour


Map showing the Riverside Divisions coverage area in Tulsa


First developed in 2017, the Community Advisory Board program aims to further the Tulsa Police Department’s mission of working in partnership with our community to provide quality service, protect life and property, prevent crime and resolve problems so people can live without fear in a safe environment.

The Community Advisory Board is a volunteer group of citizens, led by patrol division commanders and representing diverse interests, who live or conduct business within that patrol division and meet to provide mutual insight and knowledge to help guide effective collaborative policing.  Each patrol division, including Gilcrease, Mingo Valley, and Riverside, hosts a board. Each board consists of five to ten citizens who are selected in coordination with the Crime Prevention Network and approved by the Chief of Police.


William Lloyd

William Lloyd

William Loyd is a lifelong Tulsan and Farmers Insurance Agency Owner with an office near 91st & Yale. He and his wife, Tina Peña, have lived most of their married life in and around Brookside, and find the Riverside area a constant source of recreation and enjoyment. Travel is an important hobby for William, but so is enjoying all that Tulsa has to offer. As a TU alumni, William volunteers with Mita's Foundation, Reading Partners, and Food on the Move.

Jennifer Harmon

Jennifer Harmon

Jennifer Harmon is a well-known community advocate and Alert Neighbor captain in midtown Tulsa. Born and raised in Tulsa, Jennifer is a Navy veteran and holds a Bachelor's degree in Religion, as well as a Master of Divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary. As founder of Sonoma-Midtown Alert Neighbors, Jennifer has spent the last 15 years partnering with police, Tulsa Crime Prevention Network, and stakeholders in midtown to reduce crime and enhance quality of life for neighbors. Jennifer co-founded Justice For Peggy Gaytan in 2011. This city-wide publicity campaign comprised of residents across Tulsa, local media, and small business owners, and it was instrumental in helping police make an arrest in the tragic murder of grandmother Peggy Gaytan on December 22, 2011. Having previously mentored under the late Tawana Elliott, technical specialist for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), Jennifer is well-versed in community policing, models of citizen oversight, and smart policing initiatives. Referred to as an info-nerd, Jennifer has done extensive research on place-based policing for various organizations throughout Tulsa. Jennifer and her husband, Chris, live in the heart of midtown in Council District 9. When not watching the OKC Thunder with her husband, she can be found educating students and midtown neighbors about urban barred owl habitats or tending to the world famous Barred Owls of Midtown Tulsa livestream.

George Bashaw

George Bashaw

George was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has lived brief stents in a few large cities, but he chose Tulsa as home. George is a graduate of DePauw University. George is married, and a father of four. He is also the owner of Allied Towing. George represents the Riverside Division in his work with the Community Advisory Board. George is grateful for the sacrifices that police officers make for his and the community’s benefit. Specifically, he is proud our department which has shined during some of the most challenging times in modern history. George says “There is no better time than the present to understand, help, and appreciate what TPD is facing and doing. CAB gives the community a platform to understand, help, and support the Tulsa Police Department. It gives the community a voice.”

Aziz Mayahi

Aziz Mayahi

Aziz Mayahi is a first-generation American of Iranian descent. Him and his wife, Amanda, have three boys (including 5-year-old twins!). Aziz is a Tulsa native and graduated from Memorial High School in 1995. He went on to graduate from the University of Oklahoma in 2001 with a degree in Letters. Aziz says his first career was in the restaurant business where he eventually became a proprietor of Mohagany. His current career includes working in sales at SummitESP, a Halliburton service that manufactures pumps for the oil and gas industry. In his spare time, Aziz officiates high school football, coaches a youth soccer team, likes to cook, and spend time with his family. Aziz represents the Riverside Division in his work with the Community Advisory Board. Aziz says he wanted to get involved to try and understand law enforcement from a different perspective. He says, “Hopefully, with a broadened sense of what policing is, I can help advise on better policies and practices.”

Sharon King Davis

Sharon King Davis

I am so proud to be a 4th generation Tulsan that was taught our family value….helping people, especially those that are less fortunate than you and make the world a better place. Attended Tulsa Public Schools and had such great leadership training when my classmates and I opened Nimitz Jr. High and Memorial High School and we named the teams, chose our colors/songs, started the school clubs and generally were a big part of the school. I graduated from Colorado Womans College, Denver and returned to Tulsa. I was blessed to be married to Coleman Davis for 38 years years before his death and we raised 3 beautiful daughters and 2 “perfect” grandbabes. It has been an Honor to Chair and lead the efforts for Tulsa’s year long Centennial Celebration plus be asked by the Governor to Chair Oklahoma’s Kickoff CENTENNIAL Celebration here in Tulsa, during which I led the efforts for the unearthing of the 1957 Time Capsule containing “Ms Belvedere”, the Plymouth Belvedere. I have loved serving on numerous Tulsa non-profit Boards, as well as City and State Boards, Authorities and Commissions over the past 40 yrs. One of my favorites, is The Little Lighthouse. At LLH miracles happen daily with special needs children and the facility is completely tuition free! Currently serving TCC Foundation Board, Arts Alliance Tulsa Board, The Tulsa Historical Society Board, City of Tulsa Election Commission and the River Parks Authority. It has been my civic honor to serve the City of Tulsa by leading 3 voter initiatives that were successful. My greatest joy was teaching my preschool Sunday School class for 38 years before retiring. . I am blessed daily by 3 smart and savvy women in our family Commercial Real Estate Business Kelley, Kalen and Kasey who just happen to be my daughters! As a developer, I have built 3 shopping centers with other holdings. We are raising the grandbabes, to be the 6thgeneration Tulsans with the same family philosophy to make Tulsa a better place for all!

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