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TPD Academy



The Tulsa Police Training Division is home to the Tulsa Police Academy for new recruits. On top of providing training for recruit classes, the Training Division also provides annual training for sworn Officers and various training services for other outside agencies throughout the year. Training will, at a minimum, meet, but more often, exceed, those standards required by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) for certification as Peace Officers within the State of Oklahoma.

Recruit class training will also include instruction relating to the tasks and duties of uniformed Tulsa Police Officers working regular patrol beats. Upon graduation from the police academy, recruits are required to complete 16 weeks of Field Training with a certified Field Training Officer. Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program, new Officers are assigned to work regular patrol beats.

Training at TPD Academy

Mark Ohnesorge


Wesley Phelps


Created in 2020, the Tactical Training Unit, or TTU, is staffed with experienced Officers from a wide variety of backgrounds including Defensive Tactics, Special Operations Team Operators and Crisis Negotiators, Firearms Instructors and Law Enforcement Driver Training. The TTU provides Tulsa Police Recruits and Officers with reality-based training in several areas and is committed to extending the high-quality instruction provided to our recruits to the entire department.

TPD recruits
TPD Recruits


The Tulsa Police Academy focuses on the fundamental topics necessary to ensure the recruits are trained properly and efficiently.


The Tulsa Police Department provides 1093 hours of basic training to recruits, far surpassing the state requirement. These fundamental topics include Physical Training, Classroom Education, Community Policing, Defensive Tactics, Firearms Training, Driver Training, Scenario Training, Emergency Medical, and De-escalation Training.


The Tulsa Police Department recruits new Officers year-round and offered 22 testing dates in 2022 for interested applicants. Utilizing an active social media and e-mail campaign along with visiting universities across the country, the Tulsa Police Department is committed to hiring the best and brightest in the nation. With a responsive website,, along with a 24-hour contact available, the Tulsa Police Department has maintained increased momentum in recruiting where many agencies are struggling. The Tulsa Police Department has three full-time Recruitment Officers who often travel to various career fairs at colleges and universities. The Officers also help applicants through the process of applying to the department.


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